Not all is at it seems in the peaceful vineyards of Burgundy…


For some, the war is never over…


Under the little town of Nuits-Saint-Georges, lie cellars full of secrets…


Just why does the Inspector have a loaded gun in his drawer?


R.M. Cartmel signing at Cafe du Centre.


The grapes of

Wine and Crime Fiction

R.M. Cartmel


The Richebourg Affair is the first of a trilogy of crime-fiction novels set in and around the little village of Nuits-Saint-Georges, following the exploits of the brilliant if slightly crumpled Inspector Truchaud as he deals with thugs, drugs and viticultural villains.

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Truchaud returns in his second book, The Charlemagne Connection.

A young German tourist seems to have gone missing in Nuits-Saint-Georges. But what at first appears quite a straightforward affair soon turns dark when a decomposing body is found in the woods.

Another episode of murder, mayhem, violence and villainy in the orderly vineyards of Burgundy.

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Jump back into the mysteries of Nuits-Saint-Georges in the third book with our beloved detective, Truchaud. The Romaneé Vintage is out now!

The third in the Inspector Truchaud ‘wine and crime’ mystery series set in the vineyards of Burgundy sees Truchaud following up a mysterious phone call, with explosive results.

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Jeffrey Siger, bestselling author of Murder in Mykonos

R.M. Cartmel’s The Richebourg Affair is a well-crafted treasure of unforgettable characters, eloquent yet whimsical language, intrigues burrowed into the ways of classic French wine making, and vintage murder mystery writing.  I felt so comfortable in Cartmel’s hands as a storyteller that I couldn’t believe it’s a debut novel.

Chris Pollington – Private Account Manager – Berry Bros. & Rudd

Whether you are a lover of detective novels, the great wines of Burgundy, or, like me, both, The Richebourg Affair is a gripping read that will have you turning the pages from beginning to end.

Salboho, WordPress book reviewer

Cartmel successfully contrasts the intrigue and violence of a murder mystery with the slow-paced, pastoral life of a quiet French village.

Jaffareadstoo, Goodreads book reviewer

The small village atmosphere of Nuit-Saints-George starts to come alive, so much so, it becomes easy to imagine sitting at the Café du Centre sipping creamy coffee and munching on sweet biscuits with Truchaud and Geneviève.

M. Lignor, Amazon book reviewer

Readers will know that in the US and other countries, many folks keep guns nearby but, not in this quaint Burgundy village. A very readable story that will take the reader on an interesting tour of French wine country’s best.

W. J. H. Reed, crime fiction reviewer

The Richebourg Affair is a vintage to be enjoyed and R.M. Cartmel leaves the reader eagerly awaiting the next taste. Highly recommended.

Karen Pirnot, Readers’ Favorite

The Richebourg Affair is a fun read in which the reader is fed tiny nuggets of gold which later lead to the gold mine itself.

“… well-crafted treasure of unforgettable characters, eloquent yet whimsical language.”


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