Le Triage

ITriaget was a very sticky writer who got back to his hotel room this evening to clean up before supper and do a spot of writing. He had been down at la Vougeraie, being a helpful pair of hands. He was not allowed a pair of secateurs for insurance reasons, but they seemed more impressed with his eye and hand feel than they had any right to be!

Who invented the concept of the triage table is moot. Nicholas Potel, who made that rather nice Savigny-Lès-Beaune those lucky enough to be present, consumed at the book launch, is quite adamant that it was his father Gérard, to whom he dedicated that Savigny, first had the idea. Others also lay claim to the idea. Whoever it was probably first got the idea from the luggage sorting area at a busy airport. The whole bunches are landed at the loading dock from the ubiquitous white vans. (It seems that every white van in France has been commandeered to work in the villages this Vintage.) Occasionally flatbed trailers being towed behind tractors are used, but that doesn’t seem to make the ‘Seventy-Four’ much slower. If you want to get anywhere fast during the vintage round here at this time of year, you’ve got to cough up and take the motorway.

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