Disastrous Storms in Burgundy


It was hoped that the summer of 2014 would have been better for the Burgundians than it has turned out. At the end of July a hail storm of biblical proportions struck the Cote de Beaune, decimating the vines particularly in the villages of Pommard and Volnay, just south of Beaune. The hailstones were reported to be the size of golf balls, and the vines didn’t stand a chance. For the past three years the vines have been assaulted by hail, and in particular the Premier Cru vineyards. After last year’s hailstorm, a series of Cannons were set up, some 30 of them firing a mixture of Silver Iodide and Copper Acetylacetonate particles up into the clouds when a hailstorm approached. These cannons were fired, and while some have said that the disaster would have been worse without them, others say they were in the wrong place or fired at the wrong time.

I am sure to discuss this firther with Chris Pollington at the Richebourg launch event next Thursday, and again when I am in Burgundy myself this September.