CrimeFest 2018

Don’t miss seeing R.M. Cartmel wandering the halls and seminars at CrimeFest on the 17–20th of May. Come say hello and I hear a signing time is in the works…

What About Those Wine Tips?

Look for R.M. Cartmel’s wine tips coming up soon! Learn what you should be drinking and how to find the best wine for any occasion.

Old Peculier 2018

R.M. Cartmel will be attending the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival on the 19–22 of July. Come say hello!

What’s next for R.M. Cartmel?

R.M. Cartmel is now working on his third book with his detective Truchaud. Keep your eye out for more stories from Nuits-Saint-Georges.


Listen to R.M. Cartmel’s interview on BBC Radio Cambridge talking about his book, The Richebourg Affair.


Local news article from The Peterborough Telegraph

“Books were always part of my life so I knew when I retired I was going to write this story.”

The Peterborough Telegraph-page-0

It’s wonderful – but it was surreal when a pallet arrived on a lorry at my house with 15 boxes of my books in it!

Cambridgeshire Pride

Cambridgeshire Pride Magazine article displays R.M. Cartmel’s love for Burgundy, France.

‘The vineyards and wine-makers of Burgundy are central to this series of crime and wine crime-fiction novels.’


Read the interview written on page 40 of the ESP Magazine September 2014 issue.

Local GP Prescribes a Dose of Wine and Crime

Although this is apparently R.M. Cartmel’s first novel, it doesn’t read like one. There’s backstory hinted at but not made explicit – to the point that I was ready to search out No. 1 in the series! I admire that – so often, a first book starts off all on its own; this one has history with the protagonist, his family, his co-workers, various friends and relations … all skillfully handled.


Overall, this is a good debut novel which I am sure will have mass appeal. I am confident that the novels will continue to go from strength to strength as the trilogy progresses.

Jo BartonGoodreads

I loved this book. So much so, that I researched the cost of the famous Richebourg wine that is discussed by the wine experts throughout the story. I will only be able to dream about the heady bouquet and flavors dancing on my tongue as $1800.00 USD would blow a hole in my budget the size of a Parisian vacation. However, there are more budget friendly options from Nuits-Saint-Georges, which I just might have to purchase for a special occasion.


This is a great book for both wine and mystery enthusiasts. I am looking forward to seeing this rich travelogue continue in installment two – The Charlemagne Connection.

Linda KissamGoodreads

The descriptions of the countryside, the vineyards, and the wine cellars are rich and detailed while adding to the plot. The characters and their motivations make sense, although none are as well drawn as the setting. This is a debut novel in a series of wine mysteries set in Burgundy, and I am looking forward to the next.


This is an entertaining read, primarily due to the gorgeously depicted Burgundy region of France and to the engaging character of Truchaud, both an outsider and an insider to the events of the village, who recognizes that something is amiss and sets out to discover what it is. Overall, a strong start to this trilogy of wine-themed mysteries set in France.

Lance WrightThe Mysterious Reviews

Read an interview by jaffareadstoo (a popular book blogger in the UK). There are some spectacular insights into the life and mind of R. M. Cartmel.


See the two page excerpt in the Suspense Magazine October/November 2014 edition.



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